Student Mental Health

PCHEI fully support and were instrumental in the development of the Higher Education Authority National Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Framework for Ireland 2020.

There is growing concern for the increased levels of student mental ill health, mental distress and low well-being. This is a global trend and is evident from the findings of the World Health Organisations World Mental Health International College Student Initiative (2018) that surveyed students from: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Spain and United States of America.

The My World Survey-2 (2019) and the USI Student Mental Health (2019) surveys are important sources of data about the mental health and wellbeing of students in Ireland today. They include information about their levels of distress, their coping strategies and help-seeking, levels of alcohol use, and various risk and protective factors for mental wellbeing. The majority of students cope well in higher education but some of the factors that may increase the risk of mental health difficulties for students include:

Increased risk of mental health difficulties: Groups of students with increased the risk of mental health difficulties:

  • academic pressures; exam and assignment stress
  • transitions in and out of higher education
  • financial burdens
  • managing jobs and academic work
  • social and cultural pressures that include family, friends and intimate relationships
  • social media
  • geopolitical concerns
  • those who identify as LGBTQ+
  • international students
  • asylum seekers and refugees
  • those from ethnic minorities
  • those who have experienced trauma
  • online/remote students
  • first generation
  • mature students
  • socioeconomic diverse backgrounds

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Founded in 1994 by a group of student counsellors from various 3rd level colleges who were meeting informally for a number of years, the organisation has developed and now represents student counselling services in the vast majority of the higher education institutes in Ireland.

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